Affiliate marketing charts table

List of affiliate marketing charts that you can steal, swipe, or copy for your content. A link and or a mention will be greatly appreciated! Thank you and happy marketing.

Clickfunnels vs website pro and con chart

Clickfunnels Pro Easy to use Can purchase templates
Clickfunnels Con Cost Slow page load speeds
Website Pro Can rank free Ability to build a brand
Website Con Takes time & skill to rank More challenging to build

Affiliate marketing vs Amazon FBA pro & con list

Affiliate Marketing Pro No inventory Promote any product No shipping
Affiliate Marketing Con Not getting paid for all conversions Huge learning curve Have to spend on ads or wait a long time to make money
Amazon FBA Pro Products do not need marketing Can build a brand Business can be sold
Amazon FBA Con Competitors undercutting product prices Large upfront investment Risk of losing a large amount of money

Chart/table for monthly ad revenue for an affiliate marketing niche website.

Monthly Niche Website AD Revenue 50 Post 100 Post 200 Post
End of Year 1 $187.00 $375.00 $750.00
End of Year 2 $375.00 $750.00 $1,500

Website traffic for an affiliate marketing niche website table/chart

Months 1-4 48 Posts Written 0-100 Visitors a Month
Months 5-8 96 Posts Written 101-1,000 Visitors a Month
Months 9-12 144 Post Written 1,001-5,000 Visitors a Month

Small business website cost table/chart

Small Business Cost Chart Web Design
Annual Site
Maintenance Costs
Informational or Small Business Website
(8-16 pages)
$2,000 – $9,000 $400 – $1,200
Corporate Website
(25-75 pages)
$10,000 – $35,000 $2,000 – $15,000
Ecommerce Website
(100-1000 products)
$5,000 – $55,000 $15,000 – $30,000
Database Driven Website or Website Application
(20-2000 pages)
$6,000 – $75,000 $30,000 – $60,000

Website build cost table/chart

*Website build cost 1 -8 pages 9-12 pages 13-20 pages
Under 1,000 words $197 $347 $447
1,001 – 2,000 words $297 $447 $547
2,001 – 3,000 words $397 $547 $647

Affiliate sweepstakes pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Affiliate Sweepstakes offers Easy conversions because you get paid for lead to fill out a form & are incentivized with a gift. Low payouts that will translate into the affiliate having to have many conversions to make substantial money.

Affiliate marketing digital products pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Affiliate for digital products The margins for the product owner are a lot higher because it does not cost them much to deliver a digital product. This makes the commission rate to be about 40%-90% High refund rate. Harder to convert because it is not a physical product

Affiliate marketing eCommerce pros and cons table chart

Pro Con
Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce Products After the brand has been established, long-lasting recognition that can not be competed with. LTV increase as customers repeat buy. Exit option. Difficult to start and takes time to build customer trust. Risky and could fail after high investment.

Affiliate marketing lead gen pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Lead Generation Get paid for just a lead and not a sale. Stable vertical that campaigns can last months. Social media does not like lead gen campaigns. Native traffic needs to be high end sources to convert.

Drop-shipping pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Drop-shipping Ability to turn winning items into brands for huge revenue. Exit option. Dealing with customers directly. Charge backs and dealing with Pay Pal account holds.

T-shirts on demand pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
T-shirt on demand Easy to start and low initial investment Difficult to find winning products. Low margins. Small niches are impossible to scale.

SMMA pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Social Media Marketing Agency Traditional type of business and can be sold. Huge amounts of money to be made. Big learning curve. Dealing with customers. You have to hire employees to scale business. Dealing with employees.

Niche blog pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Niche Blog Website Create a website on topic that you a patient about. Sell traffic to you site with ad widgets. You own a piece of property on the internet that can be sold Takes time to rank. Takes a lot of work to create content and to keep up the content. Big learning curve.

Amazon FBA pros and cons table/chart

Pro Con
Amazon FBA Amazon fulfills orders. Amazon conversion rates are extremely high. Product will be seen by anyone who is on their platform. Competition often translates into products racing down to the bottom of the products margin range.

CPM table/chart for native ads in USA, Mexico

Native ad CPM Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Country USA Mexico Trinidad & Tobago
CPM $3.80 $1.85 $0.93

CPM table/chart for native ads in UK, Brazil

Native ad CPM Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Country United Kingdom Brazil El Salvador
CPM $2.11 $0.81 $0.15

Marketing career salaries table/chart

Location Average Annual Salary 10+ Years Experience 25+ Years
New York $75,605 $79,742 $99,765
Florida $69,219 $74,38 $96,570
Texas $66,858 $68,816 $76,610
California $69,219 $74,038 $96,570
Chicago $69,041 $71,669 $85,903
Boston $72,885 $77,230 $88,615
Denver $63,826 $66,242 $96,889
Atlanta $66,265 $68,261 $86,333

Traffic source pros and cons table/chart

Type of traffic source Pro Con
Free Organic traffic it is free it takes a long time to build-up
Payed search traffic Quality of click is high because they are searching for your offer expensive clicks
Social media You can target the audience on a micro level, right down to Male 30-40 years old who lives in Miami and likes sports and who is gay Hard to create campaigns that convert and will not be shut down by the platform.
Native Ads can run ads without creative constraints like on social media no micro-targeted audience like on Social media
Push Ads inexpensive Clicks Quality of the click

Search engine options table/chart

Search engine Seach volume a day
Google 3.5 Billion
Bing 873,964,000
Yahoo Could not find information
Baidu Could not find information
Duck Duck Go Could not find information

Marketing career state & location salary table/chart

Location Average Annual Salary 10+ Years Experience 25+ Years
New York $75,605 $79,742 $99,765
Florida $69,219 $74,38 $96,570
Texas $66,858 $68,816 $76,610
California $69,219 $74,038 $96,570
Chicago $69,041 $71,669 $85,903
Boston $72,885 $77,230 $88,615
Denver $63,826 $66,242 $96,889
Atlanta $66,265 $68,261 $86,333

How much marketing degree cost table/chart

University Name Tuition a year Average tuition aid per student Faculty student ratio Active enrolled students Average salary after 6 years of graduating Bachelor degree cost
University of Pennsylvania $26,233 $46,318 6:1 10,496 $85,900 $104,932
Washington University in St. Louis $27,931 $44,044 8:1 7,074 $70,100 $111,724
University of Notre Dame $30,229 $39,153 10:1 8,557 $78,400 $120,916
Georgetown University $28,509 $43,071 11:1 6,987 $93,500 $114,036
Virginia Tech $18,349 $8,191 14:1 26,603 $62,500 $73,396

Small business marketing budget table/chart

Revenue Minimum Marketing Budget Minimum Recommended Marketing Budget for growth
Less than $1 million 5% 10%

$1-5 million

7-8% 9-12%
$5–10 million 6–7% 8-10%
$10–100 million 5–6% 7-8%
$100–300 million 3–5% 5-7%

Small business website traffic example table/chart

Small Business Website Monthly Visitors Estimated customer contact from website 7,336 220 59,925 1,797 1,497 44

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