Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

When I became an affiliate marketer I had a marketing background and I thought I knew a lot about marketing. I had no idea what a good affiliate marketer had to know. 

An affiliate marketing for dummies guide will teach you how to make ad campaigns that convert. The guide will teach you how to create sales funnels that lead to your affiliate offers. With an affiliate marketing guide for dummies, anyone can learn how to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is growing because more and more people are shopping from home. Amazon has made 5.2 billion dollars in 2020, and the year is not over yet. The pandemic hit and Amazon has made double what they made the year before. Source 

Online shopping is recession-proof and while millions of brick-and-mortar stores close their doors you can start a business from your home and make a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing has been growing at a fast rate but now it’s exploding. You do not have to make 5.2 billion dollars like Amazon did but a tiny portion of this income would completely change your life.

We are going to break down affiliate marketing for anyone who is interested in making money online with affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate marketing for dummies

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What is affiliate marketing?