Is Clickbank Legit: Can You Make Money with It?

I have used a lot of different affiliate marketing networks that are legit and Clickbank is one of my favourites.

Clickbank is a legit affiliate network because there are many offers to choose from and all have a good track record of paying out their commissions. Click bank has maintained an outstanding track record since 1998 and has over 6 million clients worldwide. source

The company is the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. I personally have promoted many offers that are on Clickbank. I know that ClickBank may seem like a scam but the only way for you to know that it is real is if you make money from it.

Let’s discover what has worked for me and this will give you a better strategy on how to make money with it. After that, you will see how legit it is.

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Is Clickbank legit?

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Can you really make money with Clickbank?