Is a Degree in Marketing Worth it

After being in the marketing industry for a couple of years I have come across people who get their degree in marketing only to find out that they do not like the job. I love it and I do not consider it a job because I find so much joy doing it. But I wanted to write this post to help people identify if they are a good fit for a marketing career.

A career in marketing has a median salary of $65 a year after you get a bachelor’s in marketing. A marketing manager with 20+ years of experience has an average salary of $104,748. A career in marketing can be rewarding if you enjoy analyzing data and figuring out what makes people buy products. source, source 

Further down you will discover what it is like to be a marketer. Find this out before you spend years going to college and paying for it.

These are the topics that we will cover:

  • How much does a career in marketing make?
  • What online marketing job can you do while going to college?
  • What kind of affiliate marketing offers should I look for?
  • What skills does a marketer need? 
  • How to make more as an affiliate marketer?

Take a look at an interview with the 3 best marketers.

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