Jose Claudio Owner of LGM Marketing Group

I wanted to let everyone know about who is Jose Claudio owner of LGM Marketing Group.

I believe that the best way to form a good business relationship is by getting to know who the other party is. This is why I decided to write this short post about myself.

As a 6-year-old attending elementary school in Jamaica Queens (New York City), I would cross Jamaica avenue to buy Garbage Pail kid cards. I did this not only because I loved the cards but because I could sell them to other kids that were trying to complete a set.

Since then I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I later bought and sold and traded comic books. Then I did the same with baseball cards. It was fun to be able to flip something for a profit.

When I was old enough I started to shovel snow for money, I did anything I could to make money growing up.

I eventually got a job and I stopped hustling for money. Now as a young adult working and going to school I knew that I wanted to own a real business.

I spend years trying to launch different businesses. Some made money and others did not make enough to turn a profit. The business that made money failed because of inexperience.

After many years of trying different businesses, my wife and I decided to open up a salon. I felt that with my experience we should be ok but I was wrong.

I had never started a brick and mortar store and I have never done anything in the beauty industry. It was also a new site build and I had never done that before.

It was a huge learning experience and I have never been so stressed in my life.

The biggest thing that I learned from that experience was that before you go into a business you need to know it inside and out. Another important lesson learned was to have a mentor who has done what you are trying to do to help guide you through the process.

A few years before the salon business venture I started a website design company. After a few websites, I folded because I did not have enough clients.

During the salon, we were pressed for money and the marketing agency we hired was not getting us any results. So we fired the marketing agency and I took over the marketing.

My life for the next 6 months was filled with me consuming everything that I possibly could about digital marketing.

I also found a great mentor on YouTube and I am eternally grateful to all the knowledge that I have received from Ruan Marino from, the absolute best SEO agency in the United States!

This gave birth to LGM Marketing Group. I loved everything that I was learning and to see the results was such a good feeling. Then I realized that I failed on all my other businesses because I did not know how to market them properly.

I remembered how much I enjoyed creating websites and so I mixed the two together and now it is my true passion.

The name LGM stands for Logan, Gavin, Maximus. (My three sons)

This is my story and how I started what has grown to be my world in more ways than one: LGM Marketing Group!

During this time I also have developed a passion and skill for affiliate marketing and that is another topic that I write about because I truly enjoy all types of affiliate marketing.

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