Best real estate agent marketing tools

After being in the marketing industry for a few years and having several family members in the real estate industry I have first hand experienced what are the best marketing tools real estate agents should be using.

Real estate agents should use marketing tools like Google ad words, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, personal website, email capture software, email direct message tool on the website, Bing ads, email drip campaigns, marketing gifts, native ad marketing campaigns. 

In this post, you will discover how and why these marketing tools are important and how they will increase your income as a real estate agent.

Further down we will review the following valuable topics:

  • Are Google ads effective for real estate agents?
  • Can a real estate agent take advantage of YouTube ads?
  • Is Bing ads effective for real estate agents?
  • How to effectively use Facebook ads as a real estate agent?
  • How to effectively use Instagram ads as a real estate agent?
  • Should a real estate agent have a personal website?
  • Best marketing strategy for real estate agents?
  • Does marketing really work?
  • Does a real estate agent need a website?