Best Universities for Marketing in Texas

Being in the marketing industry I get to meet people who received their marketing degree from different universities and today let us look at the top universities in Texas.  

The top universities that offer marketing programs in the state of Texas are:

  1. University of Texas
  2. Southern Methodist University
  3. Texas A&M University
  4. Trinity University
  5. Texas Christian University
  6. Baylor University
  7. University of Texas at Dallas
  8. Texas Tech University
  9. LeTourneau University

This post will help you choose the right university for you. This is an important decision because you will be spending years going to this school and you will be spending a lot of money on your degree. Do not take this decision lightly and discover what I researched about the top universities that have marketing programs in Texas before you make your decision.

Further down we will also cover:

How to earn money marketing as you go to college for marketing?

1. University of Texas